Dari Dzakwan dari seorang lelaki Anshar berkata, "Rasulullah s.a.w. menjenguk seseorang yang sedang sakit, lalu Beliau s.a.w. bersabda, 'Panggillah tabib dari Bani Fulan.' Dzakwan berkata, 'Lalu mereka memanggilnya dan datang.' Mereka bertanya, 'Ya Rasulullah, bukankah ubat tidak berfungsi apa-apa?' Beliau s.a.w. menjawab, 'Maha Suci Allah, bukankah Allah tidak menurunkan suatu penyakit di muka bumi, kecuali menjadikan penawar untuknya?'" (Hadis riwayat Ahmad)



Selasa, 20 Disember 2011

Teen Posts Pix of Friends on FB to Earn Money

A teenager who posted pictures of her beautiful friends on Facebook has been "sweet talking" some 30 men into giving her thousands of ringgit, reported Metro Ahad.

The 17-year-old, who only wanted to be known as Liana, has been running the scam for three years, earning between two and three thousand ringgit a month.

"Initially, I put up sexy photos on my account to attract friends and admirers. Suddenly, I found myself with thousands of acquaintances. I then took photos of my attractive friends and put these on my Facebook account. I'm embarrassed to put up pictures of myself because I'm fat," she said.

Liana would flirt with men who checked out her profile and asked them for money once they became interested in her.

"Once they have deposited the cash into my bank account, I would tell them that the money had not come through and they would transfer more," said the girl, who lives with her mother in Kuala Lumpur after her parents' divorce.

Liana, who said she did not regret her actions, targets up-and-coming artistes, siblings of celebrities, engineers and corporate executives. She said she spent the money on shopping, karaoke sessions and overseas trips.

The Star, Monday 19 December 2011

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